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Without a doubt the most common charge in our area is Driving Under the Influence. It is a charge that can be levied against anyone, from all walks of life. It is a major area of enforcement for all local law enforcement agencies and results in countless arrest per year.

The charge of DUI is both complicated and serious. It can involve all types of evidence from something as simple as police observations, all the way up to intricate scientific lab results. Police have many techniques to gather the evidence they need. These include video surveillance, field sobriety exercises, breath test, and urine and blood test.

Due to the intense law enforcement focus on this crime, penalties can be quit harsh. DUI comes with many mandatory sanctions such as probation, license suspension, public work hours, vehicle impoundment and incarceration. Depending on whether one has prior DUI's or not, a person could face a felony charge and some serious jail or prison time.

It is important to have an experienced local attorney familiar with the local practices of law enforcement to defend your case. As someone who practiced his entire career locally, and began his career as a prosecutor, my firm is familiar with the techniques law enforcement use, and we know how to fight them. In addition, we are familiar with many of the local rehabilitation facilities and alternative sentencing programs, such as DUI court and work offender release. This will allow my firm to diligently fight your case, as well as seek possible alternative resolutions.
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